Veterans Dining-Out

Dining For Dollars
To Totally Enhance Veterans’ Lives

 We can give you this tool, but only you can make it work.

Don’t Depend On VA Handouts EVER AGAIN!


WHAT IS This Program All About?

There are a lot of programs designed to help those at the bottom of society’s ladder to climb out of the muck and mire of low to no income.  Many of these programs are designed to help people survive.  Very few if any are designed to help anyone thrive.  Most try to help you to enter the job market or build resumes that will get you in the door for a low paying job that scarcely provide enough to meet your monthly expenses IF you get it.  Some even provide skills training that will lead to that same level of income.

Here is a fact:  Everybody Eats.  And even the poorest among us occasionally like to step out for a ‘dinner and a show’ every now and then.

Imagine being able to earn a respectable income by doing little more than ‘Stepping Out for a Meal and a Show.  Granted our show is a bit more than just being entertained.  Our shows are about self-improvement.  While it does involve some work, it is all about helping you to get to that next income rung of society’s ladder.

By doing little more than agreeing to attend a monthly breakfast or dinner and agreeing to invite others, you can earn money.

Dining For Dollars is Just That Simple.

There are many groups of people who could benefit by this program.  We are starting with those who pledged their very lives to protect and defend our fellow citizens–Veterans.

This version of the program is about one thing and one thing only:  Greatly improving the lives of Veterans

Our goal is to reach out to every vet, one person at a time and invite them to one of our events.  The muster will serve a meal and will include a speaker, most of the time from the local area.  As much as possible, it will be another vet.


Each month participants agree to pay for AND show up for a Dining-Out!  The money you pay is for the meal.  A portion of the meal price funds our Multi-Tiered Affiliate Program.  It is the Affiliate Program that can help you to earn some very serious cash each and every week. .

Multi-Tiered Affiliate Program

Quite simply, the D4D affiliate program compensates you for those you invite join us.  Each time a member you invited pays for their meal, you earn a percentage of that purchase.  But the great thing about our system is that when they invite someone else, you earn a commission on that purchase too.  Commissions are paid on 6 levels.


*Although this is a ministry for Christians, anyone can participate.  The Apostle Paul exhorts us to bear one another’s burdens in Galatians 6:2.

**Available to Beth-El Worship Center members only.